Hello World!

This is my first attempt on something that may be waaayyyyy beyond me at this point. But we shall hang on for a bit and see, shan’t we? 🙂

Well, this past weekend I was at a grocery store and found some large squid (or calamari) on sale. Being a seafood fan, I had a hard time resisting them. I succumbed. LOL. I got one because there are only two people in this house. Anyway, my aunt commented that it’s troublesome cleaning squid out but I don’t think so. hence, I figured it might be a good idea taking some pictures as I did it.

Here’s how I did it:

Note of caution: The squid will release black inky substance so make sure there is some cloth around.

Yank the tentacle part out from the main body.

There will me a plastic-y backbone within the body of the squid. It’s pretty easy to get that out.

Wash out the insides and try your very best to remove the squishy slimy bits from within.

Now that the body part is clean, move to the tentacles. Search for the part that looks like two suckers and they will have the same plastic-y cartilage. Peel that out because it’s inedible.

See all the black inky thing at the back? Yeah, have a towel ready. You don’t want to get splattered.  On the tentacle bit, you will be able to see the eyes quite clearly. To get that bit out, turn it around to the flat surface of the back and dig your thumb in like so.

You see? I pushed my finger in until the skin breaks and pull the intestines and that bottom part out. The eyes follow out. Be careful here now because the eyes leak a lot of nasty black ink!

Flip it to the bottom and you can see the little beak inside. All I do is I’d feel for the end if the beak on the inside and just press. It pops right out. Now that the tentacles are clean and done, let’s move to the body once more.

There’s this “wing” part at the back. I have no idea what it’s called. Anyway, pull that part free from the body.

It’s now separated into two bits.

Some people keep the skin on but I prefer to peel it off just because my mom has always done it and so I do the same.

There’s the skin there. It’s so pretty isn’t it? Remove as much skin as possible from the “wing’ part too. I only managed to get the centre part off but that’s ok.

And voila! Cleaned squid parts ready for cooking!

I made something really yummy with the squid last night. That would be coming here real soon. But just a quick tip… please bag up the innards of the squid and take out the trash. It gets reeeeealllly stinky overnight. Like really. Cos I know. 🙁

Yup, this is it. Hope this helps. Back with more very soon.

xoxoxo, Jayne

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