Lazy (but healthy) Lunch

Some days, I just don’t want any carbs for lunch. I know! It’s so not me. But there are days, I don’t feel like having to chew. It overwhelms me.

And usually the night before, I can tell I would rather have a simple lunch the next day, than to gorge on some rice or pasta. So I fall back to oatmeal. Quick cooking oatmeal to be exact. It’s easy and I can pack it up to the office for a fuss free lunch.

I know not many people out there fancy oatmeal. My mom certainly doesn’t. I never did either. But this year, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of oatmeal when I came across a blog that told me I could prepare traditional rolled oats or quick cooking oats the night before and then add stuff on it in the morning to come up with an endless variety of flavours! I can no longer remember which blog that is. But the idea stuck and I have been having oats on lazy days ever since.

I don’t have a step-by-step but basically, I would have about 1/3 cups of oats in my 2-cup capacity food thermos. I’d scald twice as much milk and pour that over the oats. If I’m making my mostest favourite flavoured oats (chocolate!), I’d add about 1tbsp cocoa powder in then and equal amounts of either honey or brown sugar.  I’ve done cinnamon powder as well. Stir, cover and leave overnight. Usually though, I’d rather add the honey the following day as the hot hot milk would destroy all the enzymes in it.

On the next morning, I’ll open it up, check the consistency and add a bit of hot water in to thin it out if it got too thick. Now people, I DO NOT like gloopy thick oatmeal. I like mine with body but drinkable. You know what I mean? So I add enough just so it’s on the more watery side, which I understand grosses some people out. But I really can’t swallow gloopy oatmeal. Just can’t.

Depending on what I have, I’d add cut fruits, dried fruit, nuts… the possibilities are endless. I’ve added Nutella before. I think even strawberry jam. Fresh berries are so good. oh oh… dollops of nice thick yogurt stirred in is yummy too!

Here, I had it chocolate+banana style. (warning: unflattering picture of chocolate oats coming up!)

And another

And I washed it all down with my newfound favourite yogurt drink!

Ok, I know this sounds like an advert but I really really liked this! The lemon and lime gave the drink a real tang that was not unpleasant at all. And yes, I… err… finished the whole bottle on my own. But to be fair, I started on it at 9am and only finished it at 5pm. It took me the whole day. I’m definitely going to go back for more.

ps: those chubby thighs on the computer screen? Courtesy of my 5-month old nephew. I want to chew him so bad.

xoxoxo, Jayne

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13)


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