Packed Lunch #8: Ham Sandwich

When I walk into the ham and sausage of the grocery store, I’m always drawn towards the vast array of hams on display. I intend to try every single ham on display and pick my favourite from the lot. Not too long ago, I picked up 2 varieties for my sandwich lunches. Black Forest Ham and Turkey Ham.

As much as I love sandwiches (and I do heart them a lot), I rarely buy bread because more often than not, I’m the only one eating bread at home and they usually turn moldy before I get gown half the package. I’ve learnt since to keep my bread in the fridge/freezer. That extends their lifespan by a lot, giving me plenty of time to finish the package. What’s best about it is that sandwiches are very easy to pull together. And if there isn’t much dressing or sauce used, they stay fresh all the way till lunch. I want to make it a point to have sandwiches more often. Rice and noodles can be a bit much sometimes.

Anyhoo, I’m pretty sure you know how to make sandwiches :-D. I just want to show you what I used to make mine. I had ham sandwiches 2 days in a row. They were pretty much the same but I still want to post pictures of both. Because I can 😛

For this first one, I made it with Black Forest Ham, Butter and Tomatoes. It’s really simple.Ham Sandwich 2

Some fancy lavender mustard for zing. I like zing. Ham Sandwich 3

This is my bento. Sandwich bento. I need to eat healthy like this all the time. Celery sticks should be part of my life more often. Ham Sandwich 4

It was a gorgeous bite. Have I mentioned that I love sandwiches?Ham Sandwich 5

For sandwich #2, I used pretty much the same ingredients with the exception of Turkey Ham & Lettuce.Ham Sandwich 7

I don’t know why but I’ve always loved pictures of sandwiches-in-making. They give me a fuzzy, romantic feel. Tell me it isn’t weird.
Ham Sandwich 8

With thinner hams, I always love to pile and curl them in bistro-style. 
Ham Sandwich 9

Just makes the end product look very pretty.Ham Sandwich 10

Another sandwich bento going on here.Ham Sandwich 11

And the easiest bit of this already easy process happens now.Ham Sandwich 12

I think this beats Subway anytime. Don’t you think?

xoxoxo, Jayne


  1. I LOOVE sandwich too! Your packed lunch is far better than store bought. I can tell the sandwiches are both delicious from the photos… 🙂


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