Tom Yum Fried Rice

Of all fried rice that I’ve ever had, my favourite is still of the tom yum variety. I have a thing for sour, spicy, lemongrassy flavours. I think it’s pretty well-documented here. heh.. There are a million ways to make tom yum fried rice, though. The best, I think, is done with freshly ground tom yum paste. But seeing as I don’t even have the pre-made one, I had to use a tom yum stock cube to make mine. It’s not the same, and not the most delicious but it kept my cravings at bay. At least for now. If you prefer to use actual tom yum paste, kudos to you! I would if I had some. Instead, I made a little pasty thing with the stock cube and some hot water. I hope this doesn’t gross anyone out. I do have 3 different stock cubes in my fridge. The collection might continue to grow. Let’s hope it wouldn’t end up like my spice collection eh.

Bring a kind of cheat’s version of Tom Yum Fried Rice, my ingredients list is pretty basic. Rice, Celery, Chinese Cabbage, Leftover Ham & Meat, Eggs, Tom Yum Paste/Stock Cube, Garlic, Red Pepper & Fish Sauce. Tom Yum Fried Rice 1

I know it looks like only 1/2 a stock cube. I ended up using one whole cube because I wanted that full Tom Yum flavour to come through. It’s also super important to get everything ready and chopped before cooking because I think that ingredient preparation takes the most time. Cooking takes barely 5-8 minutes. It helps to have everything on your fingertips before cooking begins.Tom Yum Fried Rice 2

To begin as we always do, we’ll sauté some garlic until it becomes fragrant.
Tom Yum Fried Rice 3

Our array of vegetables will go in next to get soft and sweet.
Tom Yum Fried Rice 4

I kinda like to sauté the stems before adding leaves in because leaves tend to wilt way faster and it won’t be fresh and pretty anymore. 
Tom Yum Fried Rice 5

We’ll then push everything to the side and pour in some beaten eggs to create a scramble. I always let the eggs set a bit before stirring it around. Hubs likes his eggs in chunks so I try not to break them up too much.
Tom Yum Fried Rice 6

I used the extra ham I had in the fridge as well as leftover lamb. You can pretty much use whatever leftover meat you have. Keep it meatless if you like! Tofu is a nice addition too.
Tom Yum Fried Rice 7

Finally the rice, tom yum paste and fish sauce goes in toe a good mix and stir.Tom Yum Fried Rice 8

And in a matter of minutes, we have a nice tangy warm fried rice lunch to feast on.Tom Yum Fried Rice 9

It’s always a big plus when food tastes good and looks pretty. I love the colour combination of the ingredients used.Tom Yum Fried Rice 10

Most of all is that we had a super filling lunch that took barely any time and yet kept us satisfied all afternoon. That is until dinnertime rolls by. 😉Tom Yum Fried Rice 11

Have you every had tom yum before? If so, do you have any particular tom yum paste brand that you prefer? I’d love to experiment!

xoxoxo, Jayne

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Tom Yum Fried Rice
serves 4


3 cups Cooked White Rice, thoroughly cooled preferably overnight
3 Stalks Celery, deveined & chopped*
4 large Cabbage leaves, chopped*
1/2 Red Bell Pepper, deseeded & chopped*
1 1/2 cups chopped precooked Meat (I used Black Forest Ham & leftover Moroccan Lamb)
2 Eggs, beaten
2 cloves Garlic, minced
3 tbsp Vegetable Oil
1 Tom Yum stock cube, diluted with 3 tbsp hot water OR 2 tbsp of your favourite Tom Yum Paste (more or less to taste)
2 tbsp Fish Sauce, to taste

  1. Before cooking, make sure everything is chopped, minced, beaten and stirred. Feel free to mix up the vegetable and meat varieties.
  2. Start by sautéing garlic in the oil, about 1 minute. Add in vegetables on MED HIGH for about 2 minutes until they turn slightly soft.
  3. Push vegetables aside and pour in beaten eggs. Leave to set for about 20 seconds before stirring around, trying to keep them in bite-size pieces but thoroughly cooked.
  4. Chopped meat is stirred in next to warm through briefly.
  5. Cooked rice, tom yum paste & fish sauce is added in and everything is stirred until well combined. Taste to adjust seasoning. You might want more tom yum paste or more fish sauce.
  6. Serve up and savour with a fresh glass of lemon-thyme limeade!

* Any vegetable mix is fine so long as it makes up about to about 2 cups of chopped vegetables in total.


  1. We love Tom Yum soup over here, so it’s only logical that we would scarf this rice down too! A nice light spring meal. Thanks!

  2. I’ll have to try putting napa cabbage into my fried rice next time. I usually don’t bother putting leafy veggies other than bok choy. Great post.

    • Do try napa. It adds a really nice sweetness to the rice. I’ve been known to add sweet peas, baby corn, kale and all sorts of other veggies into fried rice. Mostly just what’s threatening to die in my crisper. 😉

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