Where We Ate: Giovino, Bukit Bintang (My Birthday Dinner!)


We have a tradition. Since we first started courting, hubs and I would go out for a meal together on my birthday. Once a year, he would take me out to a very very nice place that we would normally not go to, just for a special treat for the 2 of us. It’s a once-in-a-year splurge, which makes it kinda special.

He has taken me for Mexican, Spanish, Kristang and Thai. This year though, we tried out a brand new cuisine that’s not too common around these parts: Greek food!

I think there is only a handful of authentic Greek food places and the nearest one is all the way at Bukit Bintang called Giovino. Don’t consider this post a review or anything of that sort (because I’m obviously not compensated for this.. though if anyone wants to give me a free meal there, I wouldn’t mind. It’s so good! :-P) but rather see it as my recollection of our annual special day out for good food. I want to eternalize it somewhere on the interwebs. With rather blurry pictures because they have those dim lights you’d associate with fancy restaurants. And my phone is… my phone. So excuse me.

Giovino Food

We started out with soup. And not just any soup. It’s a soup whose name I cannot pronounce but it was so different from anything I’d ever had before.  It had a really nice lemony flavour. There was rice in them meatballs. And it was all nicely thickened with beaten egg. I need to find for a recipe and have it again in the comfort of my own sofa. With a nice crusty baguette. This was easily the highlight.

Yiouvarlakia Soup

Yiouvarlakia Soup

Then we decided to go for a simple appetizer. We adored this so much! Kreatopita has pretty much every element of pie that I love. Feta cheese, minced meat, mint and some mash, if I’m not wrong. All that wrapped in a layers of crisp brown filo pastry. Tell me you don’t think that sounded like culinary paradise!



For our main course, we shared 2 very different dishes. Hubs picked out the Bifteki. I picked Stifado. What are they?

Bifteki that we had was beef patties stuffed with Emmenthal cheese & bacon then grilled to medium. Juicy and succulent and perfectly charred. This picture is super dark but that was also because the patties were so perfectly grilled, it was nice and brown on the outside but tender within. It was served with some tzatziki (recipe coming up in 2 days!), pan juices and some fried potato pieces. Super filling.

Greek Bifteki


My Stifado on the other hand was really rabbit stew served on a bed of mash. The stew was tangy with a lovely rosemary perfume. I haven’t had rabbit in… over 20 years? I remember having roasted rabbit once when I was really really little. Oddly enough, rabbit tastes very much like quail, to me. A little gamey but very sweet tasting. If I had a nice hunk of bread, I woulda mopped up the platter clean.



It was super filling with all that meat and mash but we couldn’t leave without dessert! I think we were so torn on what to have but decided in the end to go for the well known Baklava. I’ve only had this once whereas hubs had never tried it before. Perfect occasion for adventure! The flavour of honey and spice really shone through. I quite liked the soft crunch of the almonds and soggy filo pastry. I just bought a pack of filo. Let’s see if I dare to even replicate this. Haha!



And that just about concludes our little dinner at Giovino. One day, some day, we will return again to try out other items on the menu. We really wished we could try more but then the stomach’s capacity is limited. Maybe next year. 😀

Have a great week ahead! Blurry me says bye!Jayne @ Giovino

xoxoxo, Jayne

“For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” (2 Corinthians 5:1)


  1. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great time dining in that greek restaurant.


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