Strawberry Lemon Soda

With the weather changing into something like of the desert (I know it’s a tropical country here and that’s expected… but rain! Where are you?!?), it always makes us happy to have something really refreshing after dinner. Tentatively, our go-to drink after dinner would either be lemonade, grass jelly or Malta.

However as I passed through the grocery store a few weeks ago, I came some really pretty strawberries on display. I believe it’s strawberry season some place else in the world and we’re benefiting out of it. Globalization makes my kitchen (ant tummy) happy. *thumbs up*

I remembered a fabulous recipe I saw at Rachael and Amy‘s blog and I had to make it with those big juicy strawberries. Of course, adjustments have to be seeing as my mom hates mint (like really!) and that I couldn’t find club soda anywhere. No matter though. It was all gone the moment I served it 😉

I only used 3 simple ingredients for this, hence negating the need for a real recipe. Right?

Strawberries, Lemon & Sprite!Strawberry Lemon Soda 1

I hulled the berries simply by pulling the greens off. Didn’t even bother with a knife.Strawberry Lemon Soda 2

Working the potato masher.Strawberry Lemon Soda 3

I could have used the blender to get a really smooth paste but… yeah. Chunks can be good too.Strawberry Lemon Soda 4

A good squeeze of lemon juice and Sprite in a jug.Strawberry Lemon Soda 5

Marvelously easy drink, don’t you think? Strawberry Lemon Soda 6

I really like the colour too.
I wouldn’t burden you with exact measurements because I didn’t even follow any myself. It’s basically Fruit + Clear Carbonated Drink + Juice.

Have a nice refreshing weekend, folks!

xoxoxo, Jayne


  1. How refreshing! I could easily drink the entire pitcher!

  2. Thank you for mentioning and linking back to my post. 🙂 I love your simple version of this wonderful strawberry drink too. I would have done the same and use sprite if I run out of club soda. Thanks for sharing your wonderful version. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks for the inspiration, Amy! My cousins loved it. I’ll, hopefully, make it again tomorrow for our Father’s Day family dinner. If I can get to the store. 🙂

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