Where We Went: Daorae Korean BBQ (Anniversary Dinner!)

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Korean food has been in all the rage in these past few years over here! More and more Korean Restaurants have been popping up and yes, it has taken me about 10 years before I set foot into one. Why? I don’t know. It never occurred to me to try.

Until recently when hubs asked me where I’d want to go for our anniversary dinner. (Psst: 4 years and counting ;-)) And I finally thought, why not Korean? I’ve recently developed a liking for kimchi. So it should be good, right?

We decided to go to Daorae Korean BBQ. We didn’t get the BBQ menu because we weren’t feeling like it that night but I WILL most definitely try that out on our next visit (Any suggestions on what to try?). I love those weird suction things that hang from the ceiling right above the BBQ coals.

Anyway, the first things that came were the quintessential Korean appetizer spread! I must have appeared like a kid with my wide-eyed expression. Soooooo manyyyyyy newwww thingssss toooo tryyyy… (When I get excited, my brain drags words out like that. True story.)

I could have just had this and be happy. The appetizers consisted of: (clockwise from top) pickled gourd, fried anchovies, napa kimchi, sauteed sausage with peppers, Korean pancake, daikon kimchi, braised potatoes, mung bean sprouts and (centre) salad with passionfruit dressing. What a spread, right? My fav? No prizes for guessing: The 2 kimchis.

Daorae 1

Hubs ordered the bibimbap. Because why not, right? I had a nibble and it was really different from what I was used to. The sweet spicy sauce stirred into the rice with all those veggies and egg yolk made for quite an experience in that stonebowl. Crunch, chew… everything. I quite liked this one. And an hour afterwards, the bowl was still pleasantly warm. Wanna get myself one of those bowls if I can ever find them!
Daorae 2

Since we’re having Korean, we HAD to try the beef bulgogi. What I like about this is how tender the beef strips were! Koreans really know how to prepare beef. And being a big fan of glass noodles, this was a pretty nice with a bowl of rice . Except that I found the sauce a little too sweet. Is bulgogi meant to be rather sweet? Please let me know in the comments if you know. Because I cannot decide if I really love this or not.
Daorae 3

Yes, yes. Stereotypical me chose noodles as my main course. Kimchi cold noodles to be exact. What I didn’t count on was the crushed ice in my bowl. Guys, crushed ice! The broth was meaty and flavourful. That large clump of kimchi really brought this to the top.
Daorae 4

We didn’t even take any decent pictures of ourselves during dinner. haha! So here’s a picture of the fancy wall design behind my seat.
Daorae 5

Our overall experience with Korean food was pretty good. I know I would want to have that bowl of cold noodles again. And try that BBQ.

But the best part about this? The appetizer spread. Oh, and celebrating 4 years of being married to this funny guy over here. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

PS: Our anniversary was on the 8th of August. Took me over 2 months to finally get this up. Talk about efficiency.

Love to all you nice people! Happy Monday <3


“And this is love, that we walk after His commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.” (2 John 1:6)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Congrats!!! How sweet!
    I don’t really eat kimchi, but I love Korean food. Korean bbq, japchae (stir-fry sweet potato noodles), ddukbokki (stir-fry rice cake), bibimbap and many more. Most of the stuffs I like are really straight forward. Flavors are familiar and not weird. You should try them out. I have a few korean recipes on my blog too.

    • Thanks Lokness. 🙂 I should probably try some out at home before venturing out into the big world that is Korean food eh. The flavours are nice and familiar being Asian. I am eager to expand my horizons really.

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