Where We Went: Switzerland (Day 1-4) ~ Part 1

WARNING: Photo overload ahead. Just sayin’. 😉

I can feel the cold draft here… It’s been a crazy month so far, that’s what I can say. I wish I had the time and energy to update more frequently, or at least like I used to but, well, life happens. I’ll let you know what’s happening when things settle to a sense of normalcy but for now, let’s go to my little happy place. 😉

So last month, I shared a few snippets of our recent holiday. And why this space had been incredibly quiet. I posted more than a few of those pictures. #swissgetaway (I’m kinda proud that this hashtag is mostly my pics on Instagram).

Swiss Instagram Pics

Did you manage to figure out where we went? Good job if you did. I didn’t try too hard to mask that fact.

We visited the land of the ALPS! Switzerland was just… just… you’ve got to go if you can. It was like living in a picture or painting. I thought I’d share a little about where we went, mostly what we ate as well. Hubs did all the research and bookings for months. It wouldn’t have been so enjoyable without his meticulous planning <3. 🙂 If you want more details, ie our itinerary & specific experiences with the language, travel, budget, hotels, public transportation etc, write them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

Now on to the exciting bits.

Day 1: So we landed in Zurich and took a train ride to Lucerne. We spent about 3-4 days there just basking in the cool weather and exquisite scenery. It was really easy to get around. Everything was on time, instructions were super clear and the best thing was when we came out of the Lucerne station, we had to figure out how to use the ticket machine to get our bus tickets to the hotel. So there we were, two visibly confused Malaysians attempting to decipher this machine thing and along came a bus conductor. She so very kindly helped us through step by step, got change for us and told us exactly where to go. Thanks, lady!

Prizzi Pizza

For dinner that night, we had a simple artichoke pizza & asparagus soup dinner at Prizzi Pizza just beside our hotel. And KO. The 14 hour flight did not do us good.

Day 2: Wanting to take it easy after so much flying, we decided to explore Lucerne and soak in this amazing foreign culture. We walked quite a bit around the town area.

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne

I was so happy to be there in time for their spring farmer’s market! Couldn’t get anything because they were generally fresh produce but it was fun getting immerse in the sights, smells & sounds.

Lucerne Market 1

Tulips of all shades


Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce



Specialty cheeses

Specialty cheeses

The best part, though, was going into little nooks of the town where regular tour group tourists don’t generally get to.

Lucerne 1

Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) behind me

On one of those pathways, we came to a little quaint souvenir store and in there met this lovely couple :-). They’ve been to Malaysia before! It was such a nice chat we had with them and yes, we bought a load of souvenirs there. They also gave us a nice complimentary bar of chocolate. <3 Thanks for the lovely time, Lydia!

Old Swiss Shop

Important tip we got from the Internet: look for the nearest COOP or Migros (similar to Tesco or Walmart). It’s cheaper to have a nice full meal at the cafe there that at fancy restaurants.

I had a simple meatball rigatoni, which was on special that day. They're not stingy.. that I can say!

I had a simple meatball rigatoni, which was on special that day. They’re not stingy.. that I can say!

Day 3: Mount Titlis Day!!!!! When we told people we were going to Switzerland, the next question would be, “Are you visiting Mount Titlis?” How can we go to a Swiss trip and skip over Titlis?

At the train station on the way to Titlis, I spotted a Pretzel stand. Bingo…..!

I picked a simple cheese & salt pretzel that I nibbled on through the day. It was HUGE!

I picked a simple cheese & salt pretzel that I nibbled on through the day. It was HUGE!

It was a little cloudy that day.

It was a little cloudy that day.

Titlis 1

Titlis 2

Titlis 3

Because this Malaysian needed to touch snow

Titlis 5

Titlis 6

Titlis 4

The scenery was UNBELIEVABLE. For this Asian girl, snow was an equivalent to….. another universe. I got sun-burnt though. So don’t be like me and forget your sunscreen when you need to go up some mountain or something. It was on my bed and I forgot to toss it into the bag. Blah.

We had lunch at 3,020 metres above sea level. The self-service restaurant is pretty great. PS: Restaurants always have a small basket full of complimentary breads by the cash register and I ALWAYS grab one. Even the most generic stores have amazing bread.

Titlis Beef Stew with mash

My Beef Stew & Mash of which hubs ate half! Really rich and smoky in flavour.

Titlis Linzertorte

Incredibly rustic Linzer Torte. Very good jammy berry filling with the soft crumbly pastry. Not too sweet with a good dose of berry burst.

Titlis Pork Chop

Hubs’ Pork Chop with Herbed Butter.

And I met the largest bottle of Tobasco in my life. I said “met’ because it was a momentous occasion. <3 Tobasco

Titlis Tobasco

For dinner, we just had to do McDonald’s. We make it a point to try McDonald’s in every country we visit and here, I love the selection! Hubs went for The Prime Burger (of course!) and I took the Chicken Bacon Wrap. Mine had a good dose of veggies in it. McDonald’s Malaysia, more wraps in your menu, please?

Lucerne McD 2

Lucerne McD 1

Day 4: Well, we got the highlands here but did you know they have nature parks as well? We took a train ride down to Arth-Goldau  Tierpark Nature Park and Zoo to taste more of nature. It’s said that this area was form by a landslide, hence large rocks embedded in the ground.

Goldau Scenery

Very family friendly.

Very family friendly.

 I fell in love with the Puppy Chicken. No, that’s not it’s real name but that’s what I’m calling it.

Goldau Puppy Chicken

Goldau bambi

Goldau 1

Goldau Crane

Goldau Bear

Goldau Flowers 2

Goldau Flowers 1

I didn’t have much hopes for good food at a nature park but silly me. The onsite cafeteria served really good food.

Goldau Fish & Chips

Hubs’ Fish & Chips

Goldau Risotto

My Pork Chop & Risotto

 After our day at the nature park, we returned to Lucerne to take another walk round the lake & more pictures.

Lucerne Lake Side & Chapel Bridge

Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge)

Lucerne Lake Side

Lakeside Restaurants & Cafes where the morning Farmer’s Market was.

 Always a good time to have ice cream when you see it!

Homemade ice cream by Lake Lucerne

Homemade ice cream by Lake Lucerne

Everything is good in Switzerland. Even random water springs found at every obscure corner. Unbelievable.

Hand Model: Hubs (he's a little blog-shy)

Hand Model: Hubs (he’s a little blog-shy)

Dinner time rolled by and we decided we HAD to try Rösti while we were here so with hubs’ pre-holiday research, we found this place called Wirtshaus Taube, which adorably means Pigeon Pubhouse. Protip: it’s never worth it ordering plain water anywhere in Switzerland when outdoor water springs are aplenty, free and drinkable. We learnt our lesson!

Lucerne Taube

Soaking in the ambiance. More like really hungry after walking all day.

We ordered the Lucerne Rösti that comes with a potato hash, pile of bacon & a fried egg on top, which was a proper meal in a skillet there, and Swiss meatloaf. The food was well seasoned, a touch salty but okay of you have water. I really do like Rösti! Bad pictures because of the dim lighting. Our tummies were singing, though.

Lucerne Taube 2

Thus ends Part One of our trip. I’ll write more soon on the remaining days, in perhaps one or two parts. 🙂 If you’re going to be holidaying in Switzerland and want talk about stuff, pop me a tweet or email! Always available for you.


“Give unto the LORD the glory due unto His name: bring an offering, and come before Him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.” (1 Chronicles 16:29)


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