Where We Went: Switzerland (Day 5-10)

So we’re back on the trail again, halfway through my recollection of our Swiss trip last month. If you missed the first part, you can catch it on here.

I thought things couldn’t get better in this trip but dare I say that this next part of the holiday gets even more spectacular. Hubs and I have finally decided that we have a favourite place in the entire trip and it’s where we went on Day 5.

Day 5: SörenbergUNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch

This destination was a little different from the regular tour type location because we haven’t seen it on any tour itineraries. I dare say, though, that Sörenberg is so worth the short trip out of Lucerne to visit. We went on a 2-3 hour hike up the quiet Sound Of Music-esque rolling hills with nary a person in sight (except for the lovely lady who was walking her dog and kindly stopped to help us take a pic). The mountain ranges were so close up we could almost touch them. Almost.

Sörenberg 7

Sörenberg 1

Love that there are benches all the way up the hill so I get to take a breather along the way. Fresh air, yo!
Sörenberg 3

Sörenberg 4

Sörenberg 5

We found a cross erected very high up the hill and couldn’t resist taking a pic under it. Hubs was thinking about “Beneath the Cross of Jesus.”
Sörenberg Cross

After the amazing hike, we were famished and found this little establishment in the town area.
Sörenberg Lunch Peters

Bratwurst & Onion Sauce. Cos we’re in the German part of Switzerland.
Sörenberg Lunch 2

Cheesy Ham Spätzli. Cos we’re in the German part of Switzerland. I faint!
Sörenberg Lunch 1

We were flat out after the long day but it was really special. Having the early spring, late winter hills to ourselves in such weather was the highlight of our trip.

Day 6: Interlaken

We got up really early to catch a train to Interlaken, which took a while. We eventually arrived safe and well at the COOP opposite the train station for lunch. I spied the chef lady making some cheese ravioli and asked for it even though it wasn’t on the menu. She was nice enough to accommodate me. haha! Doesn’t it look good?

Interlaken COOP


Interlaken 2

Took us a while to find our hotel because it was at the other side of the town!!! Interlaken basically means “between lakes” because it is a little town in between Lake Brienz & Lake Thun. The train station is beside Lake Brienz and our hotel was beside Lake Thun. Suffice to say, we walked for a bit. And found that there was a bus that goes directly in a mere 5 minutes. Yup. We live, we learn. At least we got to pass by beautiful scenery like the above.

Interlaken 3

Swisslodge Falken

River connecting both lakes! Love the history behind Interlaken and the small little towns within the area.
Interlaken 4

Blue blue waters.
Interlaken 1

I thought this flower looked like someone came around with some purple paint and a paintbrush having a go at them. So unique!
Interlaken 5

Never seen a train that goes through a town! Totally caught me off guard. 😀
Interlaken 6

We were looking for a place to have dinner and walked around for almost an hour, being so undecided. Then we saw this place. A little mom & pop homey place.
Interlaken 7

I went for the Bratwurst Spinach Salad. Need greens! Everything is super fresh and springy.
Interlaken 8

Hubs decided to get this really velvety Braised Veal Pasta. So rich & tender. 
Interlaken 9

They serve tea & coffee with this cute little serving size milk tub. Adorbs!
Interlaken 12

We wanted to see the sun set and this was 8pm. The sun doesn’t wanna go. Suits me though 😉
Interlaken 13

Day 7: Jungfraujoch

The day for the Top of Europe has come! Getting there was simple.. 2 train changes with very helpful sign indicators and train conductors. Either that of just follow the crowd. 😉

Hubs and I love getting into the history of places and we found out that construction of this highest railway track in the world commenced towards the end of the 1800s. Mind boggling! Salute to the workers of old who had to, not only build a railway track, but also climb a mountain at the same time.

More snow touching.


We’ve conquered the Jungfrau! Notice how I try to display my strength & might. (That piece weighed about as much as a Styrofoam board.)

Aletsch Glacier
Jungfrau 5

Jungfrau 6

Interestingly, these blackbirds could stay up so high in the mountains. 
Jungfrau 8

Because I had to.

Jungfrau 7

Inevitably, we got hungry and there were 3 restaurants up top to pick from. We decided to get a little fancy and tried the Crystal Dining Room of Gletscher Restaurant. A little pricey but, you know, you get what you pay for.

Jungfrau 9

Jugged beef with Spätzli & Green Beans (Recreate Worthy!)

Jungfrau 10

Breaded Veal Escalope/Schnitzel, French Fried Potatoes & Vegetable Garniture

I brought a container of strawberries I got from COOP. Not sure if I was allowed to do that. Heh.
Jungfrau 11

Glorious day!

Day 8: Harder Kulm, Interlaken

Our final day at Interlaken. It was really cloudy and a little drizzly. There was a little TV thing that showed live footage of the Jungfrau and it was sooooo dark, snowy and cold. Just felt really thankful we went the day before. Weather changes from day to day. So we decided to go to a nearby highland via cable car that overlooks all of Interlaken.

Lake Thun on the left.

Harder Kulm 1

Lake Brienz on the right. 
Harder Kulm 2

The entire Alps is before us. Jungfrau was riiiiight opposite us. Like right opposite.
Harder Kulm 3

Climbed the hill a little.
Harder Kulm 4

My lone traveller.
Harder Kulm 5

The panoramic platform… feels a little scary going there but the scenery is fantastic.
Harder Kulm 6

We had a simple lunch at the Panorama Restaurant up there and rushed down to catch a train to Zürich.

Day 9: Zürich


Zürich is entirely different from all the other places we’d gone to. Being a city and one of the major financial hubs of the region, architecture is more its forte.

Zurich 1

Zürich Train Station

We took a walk around the old town along Limmat River. It’s quite astounding how this city manages to be modern and yet maintain its old worldly charm.
Zurich 2

Overview of the city!
Zurich 3

Switzerland is synonymous with chocolate & cheese. So OF COURSE I went into a chocolatier store. Look at alllll the goodies!! We bought a box for my mother in law. 🙂
Zurich 4

Zurich 5

Limmat River
Zurich 7 Limatt River

Day 10: Church at Zürich (Höngg)

This last day of our trip, we spent it with the Christians at Höngg. We had a lovely meeting and spent the rest of the day at one of their homes.

The view from the apartment’s balcony. 
Zurich 6

 Thus ends our #SwissGetaway! Of course there was so much more but if I were to keep going on with this, you’d tell me to keep it to myself. Haha! Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our little holiday. I dream of returning again and visiting the other parts we haven’t had a chance to go to, like Geneva, Bern, the Matterhorn etc. When we’ve saved enough, we just might! I’m just very grateful to have the opportunity of a lifetime to briefly savour such beauty.

Where did you last go for a holiday? Will you be going anywhere else soon?
Have a great week, y’all.


“Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.” (Revelation 7:12)


  1. I just read your two posts about your trip to Switzerland! SOOOOO jealous! Thank you for sharing detailed travel posts with LOTS of pictures! I love travel posts…I truly wish to visit European countries (I’ve never been there even once!), but I haven’t had a chance yet… 🙁 Loved seeing you in the photos too!

    • Hey Nami. So glad you enjoyed my post, and a bit of vanity. Lol. The USA and Japan are both amazing countries too. Both I’ve yet to visit. Switzerland is definitely a place to go with family if possible. It’s my first European holiday, the furtherest I’ve ever been. Thanks for your kind words!


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