Single Serving Granola

I love granola lots and lots. If I can have homemade granola every day of the week, I might just go for that! (if there were grilled cheese sandwiches lying around, I might get distracted though. Shhhh….)

You know what I can’t seem to keep up with, though? Making more granola to keep up with the sonic speed consumption. I bought about 4 packs of rolled oats via Groupon but NEVER EVER got down to making granola. If you’ve been on my Instagram page, you’s see I’m taking the easy way out.

One particular day some time ago, I was particularly craving for granola and had none in the pantry. And then I figured, may as well make a tiny single serving batch that’d take no time. I walked around like I was a genius that day. 😉

Since granola needs some fats to brown, I used a pat of butter in my rolled oats & oat bran.
Single Serving Granola 1

When the pan is hot and the oats are smelling nutty, drizzle in a bit of homey for some sweetness. It helps to get the oats a little more crunchy too!
Single Serving Granola 2

When it is to the brownness you like (I had to run to work so I couldn’t let this brown as long as I could), toss in your favourite dried fruits/nut mix. I used some craisins, dried kiwi, raisins with random pecans & pistachios I had at the bottom of my fridge.
Single Serving Granola 3

If you have time to let this cool, please do. Either that or use super cold milk. 
Single Serving Granola 4

I had to sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on just because.
Single Serving Granola 5

Single Serving Granola 6

I’m not really going to share a recipe seeing as this is pretty much a dunk and toss sorta thing. only thing is, make sure to use a nonstick pan. We don’t need the stress of scraping our breakfast out of a burnt sticky pan in the morning.

Think of this as a concept. A strategy. To beat the clock in the morning when you’ve woken up a little too late but feel tremendously hungry. Been there?


“Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.” {Revelation 3:11}


  1. Mmmmm, granola! I love that you made a single-serving! This sounds great, and I should absolutely try this because I’ve been on a granola kick recently!

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