Pets My Heart Review (Pet Subscription Box)

I was watching a video 2 months ago and this lady who has the cutest pug unboxed one of her doggie subscription boxes. I savoured every second of the video, boiling over with envy. I know. Envy is very bad. Thou shall not covet. But I want my darling Asher to enjoy some new toys (that I’m too cheap to get. I bought him a chew toy duck and he ripped it in minutes. He’s got some fangs, I tell you.)

Let’s be real here though. It’s really for me. I LOVE surprises. Especially good surprises in the form of gifts even if it means I pay for them. And when I first ever read about subscription boxes a couple of years ago, I really wished the trend would spread over to this region. It did… for a while. Mostly beauty themed and I’ve subscribed to one which went the way of every other Malaysian subscription boxes. DEAD.

THEN, I discovered pet boxes and I did so much research to look for one that delivers to Malaysia. Seems I was months too early because as I said earlier, 2 months ago I was driven to Google pet boxes again and guess what!
Pets My Heart 1

I found Pets My Heart on a PR website and it had only began somewhere in the middle of this year. Of course I signed up.
Pets My Heart 2

I think Asher is intrigued with his first box. We received this first box in August.
Pets My Heart 3

Woon Cherk, the founder of Pets My Heart, is really great! I have nothing but compliments for his service. I am the most annoying customer with a million questions and yet he answers every query and email with such cheer.
Pets My Heart 4

I somehow must have forgotten to note that Asher is allergic to poultry. They sent a couple of items that contained chicken which Asher couldn’t take (giveaway coming soon!). So I wrote to Woon Cherk about this problem. He promised me a complementary toy for Asher the following month. 
Pets My Heart 5

For the price paid, getting about 4 treats and 2 toys seem reasonable. I didn’t expect to get super premium brands. So far in the 2 boxes, there would be 1 treat of a good brand (this month’s contained ribs from Zeal, an NZ brand that I’ve bought from before) and mostly Asian products. Nevertheless, the ingredients list is always short with natural food sources. Bear in mind that every pet is different so trying new treats can be a different experience for your pet compared to mine. So far, Asher has reacted well to treats I’ve given him. Plus point!

Pets My Heart 6

This fish bone stick? Devoured in 2 minutes.
Pets My Heart 7

I think my favourite item in the first box is this Donald Duck bowl. Haha! He gets his watermelon in it and I love how it’s non-slip, unlike his regular bowl.
Pets My Heart 8

And the ball. Asher is a heavy chewer I tell you.
Pets My Heart 9

Gnaw gnaw.
Pets My Heart 10

Yesterday we received the second box. This dog loves new things. (Also, you would notice that Asher went for his first groom recently and got tons of fur shaved off. He’s so much more active now without that thick mat of fur making him hot and lethargic everyday.)20150923_101658

Asher immediately went for his new tug toy. And wanted to play on and on! For a medium sized dog, he’s strong! At least if he rips a toy apart, I know he’ll have another next month. And at a reasonable price too!20150923_101706

I, personally, was most excited about the doggie mooncakes included in this box! Which explains why I decided to write a review today itself instead of a little later. I took these mooncake nomming pics last night the moment we could get into the box. I really wanted Asher to try some!
Pets My Heart 13

I wish I could get  a clearer picture but Asher wouldn’t sit still after catching a whiff of these delicious bites. I’m so glad these are made of only things like flour, olive oil, egg yolk, sweet potato & honey. All natural & no preservatives.
Pets My Heart 14

This boy COULDN’T wait! We fed him one and saved the other in the fridge for tomorrow. Suffice to say, this box is awesome. I can’t wait to treat him to some tuna bites included therein. He loves fishy treats and they’re good for his fur and heart. 
Pets My Heart 15

Pets My Heart 17

If this 2nd box is this good, I can’t wait for the 3rd!20150923_101651

I signed up the the trimonthly cycle so I have one more box to go before deciding whether I want to keep it on. I think I might!

I’m most pleased with the fact that I receive 2 text messages to let me know when the parcel had been sent, together with the tracking number. This month, a note about the mooncakes was added seeing as it’s a perishable food item. Little touches like this makes it very lovely.

And as a treat for you Malaysian cat/dog owners, if you use my referral link as per below, you’ll get a 10% discount upon signing up & I in turn with receive a free box for every 2 referrals.

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OR alternatively, type in ASHER15 when checking out and Woon Cherk will hook you up with 15% off! Sounds good huh!

I wasn’t compensated for this review at all but just wanted to share something I’ve been looking for for ages and am really happy with! Plenty of new treats and toys for Asher. 🙂 He’s happy, I’m happy. ♥


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