Short Hong Kong Trip

It’s been a pretty long sabbatical in blogyears huh :-). I haven’t written in 7 months and haven’t really thought of this blog for just about as long. But I think I’m ready to jump right into it again. We’ll see, shan’t we?

Time to chronicle my trip to Hong Kong in January with mom! We took a 4D3N free and easy trip just to see what it was all about. I documented all the stuff we ate… because food. So here’s a photo diary of what we consumed along the way as we ventured from Hong Kong to Macau and back again.

Brace yourself for 70 badly taken phone pictures -_-”

1 Coffee at the Airport

Coffee at KLIA before takeoff


2 Nasi lemak in space

Obligatory airplane food picture. My bro knows what I mean. 😀


3 HK Intersection

HK intersection greets us upon arrival


6 Noodles Shop

First meal in HK


4 Beef Noodles

Beef noodles


5 Wanton Noodles

Mom, of course, went for wanton noodles. She’s been wanting HK wanton noodles for 30 years. Ha!

7 Evening Street Market

Evening street market

8 Preserved Meats

Preserved meats

10 Porridge Shop

Porridge Shop a street away from our hotel


9 Pork Porridge

Dinner: Pork & Century Egg Porridge with Oil Fritters

11 Oil Fritters

Oil fritter case

12 Macau Tickets

Macau Ferry Tickets

13 Macau Ferry

That’s our ferry! TMI but the lady who sat beside us kept throwing up during the ride. >.<

14 Macau Maritime Terminal

Arrived at Macau

18 Macau

First noodles shop we saw… and we went in. We were hungry, I’m pretty sure.


15 Pork Belly Rice

First meal in Macau: humble pig stomach rice


16 Roast Duck Noodles

Mom’s roast duck noodles


17 Duck Man

The duck/goose man

19 Macau Street Sign

Street Sign. It was so important because we would have totally got lost. Waze wasn’t super helpful. Haha!

20 Koi Kei Portuguese Egg tarts

The famous Koi Kei Confectionery shop & their Portuguese egg tarts. There were almost 20 Koi Kei stores all along the street.

21 Macau Walkway


22 Macau Church



23 Towards St Pauls Ruins

Where everyone was walking towards


24 St Pauls Ruins

There were SO many people at the Ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral.

25 Fort Facade

Fort Facade

26 Cobble Stone Road

I have a thing for cobble stone roads.

27 Portuguese Egg Tart

Found a spot to enjoy the egg tart

28 Macau Hill Top

Macau hill top overlooking the town

29 St Pauls Ruins Facade

Ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral

30 HK City

Back to HK Tsim Tsa Tsui

33 Wah Fat Roast Goose Place

Wah Fat Roast Place thing… Thumbs up!

31 Flat Rice Noodles Soup

Dinner of Flat Rice Noodles Soup

32 Roast Goose & Choy Sum

Roast Goose & Choy Sum

34 Oil Fritters Supper Snacks

Night supper snacky

39 Dou Heong Cha Chan Teng

We found a yum cha place. Dou Heung Cha Chan Teng.

35 Yum Cha Menu

Morning yum cha menu. We could read nothing. NOTHING.

36 Cha Chan Teng

Lots of old uncles and aunties who are regulars. They were talking to each other across the room.

37 Siew Mai & Cheung Fun

Siew mai & cheung fun

38 Gao Zi & Char Siew Bao

Gau zi & char siew bao

40 Ladies Street

Ladies Street. Barely open

41 Ladies Street

Loads of t-shirts

42 Ladies Street

I bought a lovely Chinese blouse… I’ll try to remember to take a pic of it one day

43 Stinky Tofu & Curried Fishballs

Stinky Tofu & Curried Fishballs. Yes, stinky tofu. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s better than the ones back at my home night markets.

44 Grumpy Fishball Lady

The grumpy lady who sold us fishballs. Haha!

45 Street Corner

More street corners. You don’t want to know how many street corner pics I took.

46 Flats

These flats fascinate me to no end.

59 Tai Kok Sui Market

It’s like a pilgrimage for me… everywhere I visit, we go to a market for some reason. I’m obsessed. This is the Tai Kok Sui Market, just a street away from our hotel

58 Market Signage

47 Marinated Meats

Marinating meats. So tidy and well organized

48 Butcher


49 Braised Meats

Braised meats

50 Fish Monger

Fish Monger

51 Lobsters


52 Live Chicken

umm… I won’t be watching them get slaughtered.

53 Vegetable Stall

Vegetable stall. Love the variety!

54 Vegetables

Squash & beets

55 Dried Seafood

All manners of dried seafood.

56 Preserved Meats

Preserved meats & dried food

57 CNY Sweets

We found a stall selling tidbits and Chinese New Year sweets. Never seen candied carrots & lotus roots. The lady boss was so so lovely and insisted we tried some before buying.

60 Sweets

Night walks brought us to this bakery

61 Jellies

I remember reading about osmanthus flower jellies. Dessert for the imperial family in the past.

62 Flats

Flats everywhere

63 Mixed Meat Rice

Last dinner in HK with mixed meat rice

64 Pork Chop Noodles

Pork chop noodles

65 Red Bean Sundae & Pie

We had a McDonald’s conveniently located opposite our hotel. Haha!

66 Radish Cake & Porridge

Breakfast before heading to the airport. Radish cake & porridge

67 Airport Wanton Noodles

Airport lunch. Mom insisted on a final HK wanton noodle meal.

68 Airport Dim Sum

And more dim sum!

69 Airport Char Siew Bao

Char siew bao

70 Homebound Dinner

aaaaand… obligatory airplane meal.

It was clearly a short trip with a lot of walking around town. We didn’t venture too far from our hotel aside from Macau but it was an interesting trip. I took loads more pictures but since this is a food blog, food it is! 🙂

Maybe one day I’ll take time to detail my entire experience there plus my thoughts of the trip.






“Preserve me, O God: for in Thee do I put my trust.” {Psalm 16:1}


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