Bread Machine Bread (3 Variations)

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20 Ways to Up Your Overnight Oats Game

Get yourself to my 2nd blogiversary giveaway and be in the running to win “Homemade Decadence”, a cookbook by Joy the Baker! (contains affiliate links)** read postscript I started out on the overnight oats train because I wanted granola. Don’t make sense? Let me explain. I was on Groupon when I saw a sale for 4 […]

Spice Rub Roast Turkey Legs (Brined)

Did anyone say turkey? It’s gobble gobble season ain’t it? I love turkey to bits but I love it better when I don’t have to mess with cooking a whole bird! It helps that turkey legs crack me up because they look like a miniature club. I dare say you can do some serious damage […]

Lemon & Thyme Gremolata

2 more days to win yourself $50 Paypal Cash from EvaWigs! Come join. When I come across something with a funny foreign name, I always do a double take and get curious about it. Does that happen to you? When I see recipes like Peruvian something, tzatziki, pantacee whatever, quinoa, fritata… etc, I always need […]


3 more days to go for my 1st blogiversary Wilton giveaway AND 9 more days to win $50 Paypal cash from Eva Wigs! There are some dishes that are quick and easy and everything you love for a weeknight dinner. Then there are dishes that are quite time consuming… only worth making when there’s a crowd to […]