Wedding Prep With MagnetStreet!

I wish I knew about MagnetStreet about 6 years ago when I got married. I made my own invitations, favours, guest book etc… It was a truly DIY wedding! I wanted my wedding to have a very personal touch with bits of ourselves in every aspect of it, even down to the cupcakes we served. […]

Herb de Provence Roast Chicken

I’m more than a little irked. Annoyed. Yesterday, a neighbour’s house was broken into. Well, it was a sort of attempted break in. And hearing that makes my blood boil. Thankfully, it happened when no one was home as her husband is outstation or she would have been home alone. And nothing was taken, maybe because […]

Teaching is a Passion (Grammarly Review)

Today I sit on my desk typing this as a blogger. At work, I do administrative work ranging from human resource, accounting, filing and everything in between. In a past life, I used to be an English teacher. And I loved it. Yes, kids can be a little crazy but until you’ve been a teacher […]

Kitchen Renovation + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

Remember when I alluded to being crazy crazy busy and forgot to update my blog for a couple of weeks? Hubs & I finally took the plunge and bought ourselves a house after 5 years of being married. A home to call our OWN! We have been renting and while it was nice not to […]

Where We Went: Switzerland (Day 5-10)

So we’re back on the trail again, halfway through my recollection of our Swiss trip last month. If you missed the first part, you can catch it on here. I thought things couldn’t get better in this trip but dare I say that this next part of the holiday gets even more spectacular. Hubs and […]