Nutella Macadamia Brownies

Some years ago I came across a little blog that shared a very simple and easy brownie recipe. I figured since I had all the ingredients ready, I should try yet another brownie recipe. I hadn’t found one that I loved enough. Some were too cakey, some too soft. Some too rubbery, some too flat. […]

The Sweetest Season: Cocoa Nestum Cookies

I’m back today with another cookie for you as part of Erin’s (of The Speckled Palate) Cookie Week! Go check out what other bloggers have shared as well at this Pintrest board. You’ll have plenty to choose from for this festive season I’m sure. Or for every day of 2016. 😉 Today’s cookie contains one of my […]

White Chocolate Brownies

I discovered my favourite brownie recipe about 3 years ago on a now defunct website. I was looking for a recipe that only used cocoa powder because I didn’t want to have to melt chocolate and all that. Then came across this simple newly created blog of a girl who loved horses. I wish the […]

Chocolate Bundt Cake

What’s with all the advertorials on the blog today, you ask? Well, besides the fact that a girl has got to make her blog work for her (ehem… web hosting fees… ehem…), those are things that I find interesting and would like to share. Even if just the concept of it or to give inspiration. […]

Chocolate Panna Cotta

I, like every other normal human being out there, loves chocolate. (If you don’t like chocolate, I don’t know if we can be friends.) I love my chocolate very dark, very rich, very smooth. Sometimes cake is good but there are those days when all I want is a soft, refreshing taste of chocolate that’s […]