Blueberry Muffins

I found some Peruvian blueberries at the grocery for fairly cheap yesterday & got myself 3 little trays. Trust me when I say I was on my phone already Googling up recipes for blueberry muffin recipes on the way home. I’ve always loved blueberries but because, once again, they are not native here, they can get […]

2-Layer Banana Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting

Once upon a time, I bought too many bananas and then they all turned brown way too fast so I made banana cake. I swear that’s how every single one of my banana recipes begin. And then those teeny tiny fruit flies come. On the positive side, we have banana cake! I checked out Molly’s […]

Passion Fruit & Lemon Magic Custard Cake

Magic custard cakes are so much fun. I still haven’t managed to achieve the supposed 3-layers but even with just 2, I’m happy enough. I’ve made a Matcha version before. This weekend, I’m going to attempt a chocolate rendition. But for today, let me share my Passion Fruit & Lemon version! The steps are pretty […]

Durian Swiss Rolls

Durian season is just about to end here in Malaysia so…. good job me for posting this durian recipe ages after I made it. I was honestly hesitating on whether to share this because it didn’t look the way I wanted it to. Like every other dish I’ve ever made. Ha! These cake rolls didn’t […]

Cherry Tuna Salad

Those coveting eyes. Unreal. What else is unreal? The combination between canned tuna in olive oil & fresh cherries. “WHATTTT?!” I hear you say. I know. It’s weird. But good weird.  I had a few fresh cherries sitting in the fridge after I scarfed down the rest of the carton. And I was craving tuna […]