Pork Burger

A couple of weeks ago, I made & shaped burgers for the freezer. I cooked the beef one recently but now, pork makes it’s appearance. More specifically, the Sage & Thyme version. These burgers are just wonderful because bacon is already incorporated into the patties, keeping the burger moist & juicy. I wanted to make this […]

Warm Grilled Corn & Greek Yogurt Salad

I don’t get to corn very often. I never quite think to look for corn or to get them when I do see them in the stores. I really do like them in soups, in salads or on their own. But it’s one of those weird things where if you don’t really think of them, they […]

Feta & Paneer Couscous Salad

Don’t know if I’ve said this before but when I was young, I could never understand ladies who say that they get full on salad. A few salad leaves and some tomatoes = lunch/dinner? I just couldn’t… it was unfathomable. I remember my first experience with proper salad. Caesar salad to be exact. It was […]

Cherry Tuna Salad

Those coveting eyes. Unreal. What else is unreal? The combination between canned tuna in olive oil & fresh cherries. “WHATTTT?!” I hear you say. I know. It’s weird. But good weird.  I had a few fresh cherries sitting in the fridge after I scarfed down the rest of the carton. And I was craving tuna […]

Packed Lunch #19: Kabocha Salad

This salad was borne out of fear. Yes, kind of. Let me explain. I steamed some kabocha squash chunks to be share with Asher (my Cavalier pup). Then after steaming and waiting for it to cool, I decided to Google to see if dogs can eat squash. Turns out… no. Seems it’s toxic to dogs. […]