I’ve always wondered. How do people read books? I tend to read really quickly because I want to get through the book as quickly as possible. I don’t mean that in a I-just-want-get-through-this-drudgery way but rather I get excited when reading a book and I want to know what happens 3 pages down before I […]

Easy TMB Pasta Sauce (Meatless)

Good food never has to be complex or stressful if you use the right ingredients for the dish. Sometimes, the missing link is salt. Other times, it’s the cooking time. This incredibly simple pasta sauce requires all 3: fresh ingredients, sufficient salt & a tiny bit cooking time. While I like a slow-simmered bolognese or meat […]

Peruvian Chicken with Green Sauce

I’ve never been to Peru and have scarcely much idea where it exactly is but judging by the kinds of Peruvian food there are out there, I think I wanna go pay it a little visit! Some time ago I made Peruvian Beef Stirfry and still make it pretty often when I get a good slice […]

Mint-Coriander Chutney

Hey lovely people.. psst… Christmas Cookie Week is back again! If you look to the right (→ for those who are directionally challenged… ehem… MOM…), you’ll see a pretty button. Go click on it to read more! Coming on Monday, I’ll be sharing a cookie recipe that will knock you off your seat. I hope, […]

Coco-For-Garlic & TamarindOh Roast Chicken (with ESSIE Spice)

Roast chicken is the optimal lazy evening food. I’ve made, like, 10 versions of roast chicken on this blog alone. It’s just so easy to make and so little thought required! Besides having to defrost the chicken, if it has been hanging out in the freezer. Otherwise, it’s a matter of seasoning and bunging into […]