Sour & Spicy Lala Clams

Here’s one from way back in the day! I have tons of unblogged dishes stashed up everywhere. Haha! I tend to just instinctively take pictures of stuff I cook and then forget about them. It’s as though my mind thinks that once pictures are captured and the phone/camera put down, it’s done. That’s probably why […]

Appetizer Week: Pesto (Pasta Salad)

If you want to stand a chance to win a Storage Cabinet from Joss & Main, come by and put in your entry! Keeping things light as we have done the past 2 days with Ya Li Pear Salsa & Raw Cremini Salad Crostini, we’re going to take a more traditionally Italian route with one of the most […]

Steamed Mince Pork

Some months ago, I posted a recipe for Mince Pork Steamed Eggs on my old blog and sooooo many people came by to have a look! I didn’t know that many people were interested in how to get the smooth silky top on the eggs. Well, glad to be at service, you eggy people. This […]