Pets My Heart Review (Pet Subscription Box)

I was watching a video 2 months ago and this lady who has the cutest pug unboxed one of her doggie subscription boxes. I savoured every second of the video, boiling over with envy. I know. Envy is very bad. Thou shall not covet. But I want my darling Asher to enjoy some new toys […]

Packed Lunch #19: Kabocha Salad

This salad was borne out of fear. Yes, kind of. Let me explain. I steamed some kabocha squash chunks to be share with Asher (my Cavalier pup). Then after steaming and waiting for it to cool, I decided to Google to see if dogs can eat squash. Turns out… no. Seems it’s toxic to dogs. […]

Tarragon Chicken

Having a dog is an interesting experience. This comes from someone who has had a dog for about 23 days. What they said about it being life changing and all that? True. Trust me when I tell you that I was positively convinced we had made the biggest mistake of our lives within 1 hour of Asher […]

Noodles In Turkey Broth

A crazy thing happened a week ago. Exactly a week ago. We got  puppy. Meet Asher. He’s a 4-month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he caught hubs’ heart the moment he saw him. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and I’m very sure, more to come. We know next to nothing about puppy […]