Fajita Beef Burger

Some weeks ago I made some burger patties. And then they were stashed into the freezer for however long it was until I remembered I had them in there. So here we are, on a night I didn’t know what to make for dinner. Since I seasoned a few burgers with fajita seasoning, I decided […]

Lemongrass Beef Stirfry

I’ve been pretty good at posting in the past 2 weeks, haven’t I? Sometimes it takes motivation to log on and type stuff. Haha! I love being able to document all the stuff I’ve been cooking just so I can look back to see what I’ve done and how much I’ve learnt through the years. […]

Homemade Burgers (Beef & Pork) – Shaping & Freezing

Hubs reeeeeeaaaallly likes burgers. Fast food is fine but when it comes to proper juicy handmade patties, he cannot resist. Every time we go to a steakhouse (which is so rare!), he’ll scan the burger page first! So recently, he asked me if homemade burgers are a thing, I said I’ll make him some. And […]

Orange Honey Beef Stirfry

We have an obsession with beef in this household. Maybe because both of us never really had much beef when we were growing up. Maybe because beef is generally more expensive to eat out. Or maybe we just really really love red meat. Or all 3! Whenever there’s beef burger in any menu, hubs will […]

Homemade Meatballs

You know how when you’re unwell and all you want is something that’s just compact and warm and filling? That is me today. I couldn’t stop thinking about meatballs for some reason. All day at work, I thought about the defrosting minced beef in my fridge and what I wanted to make with it. That’s […]