Weeknight Braised Mustard Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken in this household. I find it the easiest to prepare and has a low failure rate no matter what I do with them. I can roast, boil, steam, braise, grill… chicken doesn’t ever really disappoint. I feel like a lot of that is attributed to the fact that I […]

Bottle Gourd & Glass Noodles

It’s been a whole week of cake-eating for me. And I loved it. We were given a really good cake made of layers of dark chocolate ganache and vanilla sponge. It was sublime. And as great an appetite hubs has, he doesn’t eat cake much. I had to finish almost the entire thing myself. At […]

Potato Chicken

Potato chicken goes back a long way for me. My late maternal grandmother always made this for us and she would feed us rice with her lovely potato chicken and steamed eggs. Nothing comforts me more than that. Even now, when I make this dish, I can still hear her voice explaining to my 6 […]