Bacon & Dates Brussels Sprouts

My brother sent me a picture of a stalk full of Brussels sprouts that he got for for like £2 or something outrageous like that. I was sooooo jealous. One little tiny carton here that contains maybe 12 sprouts costs at least twice as much! They’re usually quite dried and shriveled during the regular times of […]

Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Onion

HAPPY 2015!! It’s a brand new year with brand new beginnings & brand new opportunities. Who knows what will happen this time around. It’s the last year of my 20s. A little bit of a reality check to realize how fast my 20s zoomed past. Will the 30s be as quick & unpredictable? The Lord will be […]

Brussels Sprouts Mushroom Spaghetti

Now, now, now. You didn’t think I forgot about Brussels sprouts this year, did you? After whipping out cranberries, we’ve GOT to bring out the brassica of the season. Right? I’ve made Brussels sprouts with pasta before & this is probably not toooo different. I kinda feel this one tastes a little fresher & definitely more mushroom-y. […]

Chorizo Brussels Sprouts

You guys know how obsessed I am with Brussels sprouts, right? I’ve made it twice here. Once with bacon and another with Italian sausage & orecchiette. Seems like I cannot get enough. I don’t think I ever will! This recipe is another result of my Australian food haul. Which I said I’d write about but […]

Brussels Sprouts Orecchiette & 5 Spice Grilled Salmon Fillets

Pasta is so interesting, isn’t it? It’s not always about spaghetti or linguine. So  far I’ve tried ravioli, pantacce, cavatappi besides the usual linguine and spaghetti. Over the years, I’ve made macaroni and cheese, lasagne, shells and a whole load others. I never tire from trying them all out. And as I experiment, I find that different […]