Durian Swiss Rolls

Durian season is just about to end here in Malaysia so…. good job me for posting this durian recipe ages after I made it. I was honestly hesitating on whether to share this because it didn’t look the way I wanted it to. Like every other dish I’ve ever made. Ha! These cake rolls didn’t […]

Durian Cream Puff

We grew up on cream puffs that my mom got from a mom-and-pop bakery in the older side of town where an elder couple has been doing this for years and years. We LOOOOOVED them so much! One thing though… they only sold one flavour. Basic custard filled creem puffs. That’s it. Being someone with […]

Mandarin, Peach & Passion Fruit Trifle

Here’s one dessert that never made it to the intended location. I contemplated on whether to post this or not but then, why not? I spent time making it and I took a few large bites from it so I guess that qualifies this little bowl of loveliness a place on TT. Yes? Yes. PS: […]

Flourless Chocolate Cake

What better cake to make when it’s your birthday? Chocolate cake! But what to do when you’ve run out of flour? You scour the internet to look for a reliable recipe that uses no flour but satisfies your desire for ooey fudgy chocolate cake. And you take the risk with a chosen recipe even though […]

Truffle Oil Linguine Carbonara

What do you think about truffle oil? Me? I know what truffles are. I’ve never seen an actual truffle before. I have no idea how they taste like. And I cannot afford truffles even if I’d seen them because they are well known for being pricey due to the way they are foraged. Do you think, […]