Bacon & Dates Brussels Sprouts

My brother sent me a picture of a stalk full of Brussels sprouts that he got for for like £2 or something outrageous like that. I was sooooo jealous. One little tiny carton here that contains maybe 12 sprouts costs at least twice as much! They’re usually quite dried and shriveled during the regular times of […]

Barley Fu Chuk

I really like hot desserts that double as nutritional drinks. Lo Han Guo is one of my favourites. So is Red Sugar Cane. Oh, there’s also Chrysanthemum. Barley is my other favourite! Usually, I would just boil barley with some melon sugar but then, to make it into more of a desserty drink, I like […]

Medjool Date & Blueberry Crumb Cake

I had every intention of posting this recipe right after I made them. I really did. Dates were on sale everywhere at that time and so it would have been the perfect time to write about this cake. But of course, I forgot and then 8 months down the road, I am trying to do […]

Steamed Herbal Chicken

Hi Tinkerers! I’ve taken some time off from blogging and just kinda rested my brains off a little. It seemed rather un-blogger-y to not have posted something in conjunction to the New Year seeing as so many bloggers were on a posting frenzy. I guess I just needed a little break from the Internet and […]

Orange Date Muffins

A red Microplane classic grater International GIVEAWAY waiting for you. Ends 21st Aug It’s that time of the year when Medjool dates overflow supermarket bins and shelves! Tons and tons and tons of dates of all sorts and kinds. Every single year, I’d skirt around the idea of getting some and then chicken out because […]