Weeknight Braised Mustard Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken in this household. I find it the easiest to prepare and has a low failure rate no matter what I do with them. I can roast, boil, steam, braise, grill… chicken doesn’t ever really disappoint. I feel like a lot of that is attributed to the fact that I […]

Lemongrass Beef Stirfry

I’ve been pretty good at posting in the past 2 weeks, haven’t I? Sometimes it takes motivation to log on and type stuff. Haha! I love being able to document all the stuff I’ve been cooking just so I can look back to see what I’ve done and how much I’ve learnt through the years. […]

2-Layer Banana Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting

Once upon a time, I bought too many bananas and then they all turned brown way too fast so I made banana cake. I swear that’s how every single one of my banana recipes begin. And then those teeny tiny fruit flies come. On the positive side, we have banana cake! I checked out Molly’s […]

Pak Cham Kai (White Poached Chicken)

I’ve always loved chicken rice. Its omnipresence during my childhood and young adulthood gave me a sort of security, knowing that when my source of food runs out or fails, I can always turn to a comforting plate of chicken rice from the stall down the street. It turned out that I had taken chicken […]

Fluffy Pancakes

Whenever we have overnight guests over, I feel like I should serve up a nice breakfast. No, it’s not like I am pressured to impress or anything. I just want to do something a bit special for both my guests and hubs because hosting, while fun, can be a little tiring. To have a nice […]