2-Layer Banana Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting

Once upon a time, I bought too many bananas and then they all turned brown way too fast so I made banana cake. I swear that’s how every single one of my banana recipes begin. And then those teeny tiny fruit flies come. On the positive side, we have banana cake! I checked out Molly’s […]

Homemade Burgers (Beef & Pork) – Shaping & Freezing

Hubs reeeeeeaaaallly likes burgers. Fast food is fine but when it comes to proper juicy handmade patties, he cannot resist. Every time we go to a steakhouse (which is so rare!), he’ll scan the burger page first! So recently, he asked me if homemade burgers are a thing, I said I’ll make him some. And […]

Homemade Meatballs

You know how when you’re unwell and all you want is something that’s just compact and warm and filling? That is me today. I couldn’t stop thinking about meatballs for some reason. All day at work, I thought about the defrosting minced beef in my fridge and what I wanted to make with it. That’s […]

Bread Machine Bread (3 Variations)

Scoot over to my 2nd Blog Birthday Giveaway if you want a chance to win Joy the Baker’s new Cookbook! A lifetime ago, my mom brought home a beautiful bread maker that she probably used 5 times then stashed into the cupboard for over 10 years. The end. Okay, not the end yet. I’d like […]

Wild Rocket Frittata Sandwich

 Join my 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway to win a copy of Joy The Baker’s new cookbook “Homemade Decadence” HERE! (This post contains affiliate links) I came across the above graphic and thought I’d share! I’m one of those people who are terrible at waking up earlier to make breakfast. Even if it takes an extra 5 minutes. […]