Pets My Heart Review (Pet Subscription Box)

I was watching a video 2 months ago and this lady who has the cutest pug unboxed one of her doggie subscription boxes. I savoured every second of the video, boiling over with envy. I know. Envy is very bad. Thou shall not covet. But I want my darling Asher to enjoy some new toys […]

Pink Oat Bran Crumb Muffins

Tomorrow is Malaysia’s National day and as you know, I attempted to come up with a couple of desserts that were of the colour of the Malaysian flag! Blue, Red, Yellow, White. I like to think I did ok. Maybe? Who am I kidding. But desserts are great so whatever excuse I have to make more […]

Strawberry Lychee Jelly

With National Day coming up, I got inspired and came up with a few desserts that uses the colours of the Malaysian flag. 🙂 I have to admit, not every single one of them contains all the colours. But I try to incorporated at least 3 of the 4 colours. Beginning with this jelly. How […]