Nutella Macadamia Brownies

Some years ago I came across a little blog that shared a very simple and easy brownie recipe. I figured since I had all the ingredients ready, I should try yet another brownie recipe. I hadn’t found one that I loved enough. Some were too cakey, some too soft. Some too rubbery, some too flat. […]

Single Serving Granola

I love granola lots and lots. If I can have homemade granola every day of the week, I might just go for that! (if there were grilled cheese sandwiches lying around, I might get distracted though. Shhhh….) You know what I can’t seem to keep up with, though? Making more granola to keep up with […]

Spiced Nuts & Seeds (2 Ways)

I spent one day recently at my parent’s place and decided I needed to make something. We didn’t have much time to lounge around doing stuff so I figured, spiced nuts would a something rather easy and nice to have around! I was trying to be clever and merged a few recipes together and was […]