Steamed Ladies Fingers (Okra)

Ladies fingers aka okra are Hubs’ favourite veggies of all time. Yes, he likes spinach, he likes veggies in general but ladies fingers? He absolutely loves them. A lot of people are turned off by the slimy insides and I can see why! However, if they are prepared well, ladies fingers would end up being […]

Curried Ladies Fingers (Okra)

Let’s clean our slates and get back to the greens. More specifically, hubs’ favourite greens–> Ladies Fingers aka Okra. Well, one of his favourite greens anyway. I find that when people dislike ladies fingers, it’s always because its slimy mucousy texture turns them off. Consequently, I made it my life’s purpose to figure out a […]

Simple Stirfried Ladies Fingers

We call them ladies fingers here. You may know them as okra. ie, these: I love them cooked with belacan (shrimp paste). I love them in fish curries. I love them steamed with some shallot oil and soy sauce. But when I have 10 minutes to cook in the morning before work, I love it […]