Shitake Red Pepper Spaghetti

Let me cut to the chase. Easy foods are the best because the food can get into my belly in a snap. The quicker I can chomp on my dinner, the less hangry I’ll be. Haha! But really though, on a rough work day, warm dinner always cheers us up good and well. Rummaging into […]

Porcini Risotto

I’ve heard a lot of people here say that risotto is essentially nothing but mushy wet rice. They’re not wrong. Risotto IS rice cooked in tons of broth and served up all creamy (and dreamy) like. Asians are so used to white rice, fried rice, spiced rice… But soggy rice? Isn’t porridge the same thing? […]

Meatballs Baked Pasta

Remember the meatballs from 2 days ago? They were great on their own. Toss them into a pasta dish, top with cheese and baked? A DREAM! Also, since this dish is kinda red, I’m gonna claim it as my Chinese New Year offering to you. No, there’s nothing remotely Chinese about this. But it’s all […]

Butter & Parmesan Pasta

I’m always up for a good and simple pasta dish whenever & wherever I can. Just as I thought my pasta repertoire is decent enough, I suddenly come across an even simpler recipe for pasta… so easy that it can’t possible account for a real recipe. I was listening to one of the Spilled Milk episodes […]

Appetizer Week: Pesto (Pasta Salad)

If you want to stand a chance to win a Storage Cabinet from Joss & Main, come by and put in your entry! Keeping things light as we have done the past 2 days with Ya Li Pear Salsa & Raw Cremini Salad Crostini, we’re going to take a more traditionally Italian route with one of the most […]