Pork Burger

A couple of weeks ago, I made & shaped burgers for the freezer. I cooked the beef one recently but now, pork makes it’s appearance. More specifically, the Sage & Thyme version. These burgers are just wonderful because bacon is already incorporated into the patties, keeping the burger moist & juicy. I wanted to make this […]

Homemade Burgers (Beef & Pork) – Shaping & Freezing

Hubs reeeeeeaaaallly likes burgers. Fast food is fine but when it comes to proper juicy handmade patties, he cannot resist. Every time we go to a steakhouse (which is so rare!), he’ll scan the burger page first! So recently, he asked me if homemade burgers are a thing, I said I’ll make him some. And […]

Sinigang na Baboy Take 2 (Tamarind Soup with Pork Loin)

I was recently down with sore throat and dry cough. Actually, I’m still recovering from it but I’m so much better today than I’d been the past week. All I wanted every day was a hot hot bowl of soup. I didn’t get it every night but if I could, I would have soup for […]

5-Spice Honey Pork Ribs

It’s been about a year since I made this. I know! I’ve been sitting on this recipe for so long, keeping it on the back burner (teehee!)… not sure for what reason. I’ve always had a bit of a fear cooking ribs or steaks because those are pretty pricey cuts over here. And to mess […]

Bittergourd Soup

Do you enjoy bitter flavours? I like certain kinds of bitter. The kind from dark chocolate, leafy greens, tea, ginseng…. bittergourd. If you asked me maybe 15 years ago, I might have flinched at the mere mention of bittergourd. I’ve always loved dark chocolate so that didn’t count as bitter for me but bittergourd… oh, […]