Weeknight Braised Mustard Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken in this household. I find it the easiest to prepare and has a low failure rate no matter what I do with them. I can roast, boil, steam, braise, grill… chicken doesn’t ever really disappoint. I feel like a lot of that is attributed to the fact that I […]

ABC Braised Chicken Wings

I meant to make soup the other night and thought I had some pork spare ribs in my freezer. It happens sometimes when I assume and don’t check. At least for cooking, you can maneuver around these oversights. When it comes to baking, you’re done for if you’re halfway through the batter and realize you […]

Mushroom Potato Soup

I like making and having soups a lot. Despite that, I don’t have them much and when I do, I go back to those that I’m familiar with. We get into a food rut very often in this household. If it’s not because of this blog, I wouldn’t try out so many new recipes through […]

Mash & Gravy

Do you do fast food? I mean,  are you okay with having fast food every now and again? Hubs and I love our fast food. I won’t deny that. We are big on home-cooked meals and I do cook dinner and have leftovers for lunch almost every single day. But every now and again, we […]

Lemon-Thyme Chicken Drumsticks

As you would have probably noticed, I try to sprinkle/slather/rub whatever I can into chicken parts and roast for quick lunches and dinners. That’s the best part of having an oven and a desire for quick food. I can technically say that I’ve not made roast chicken the same way twice. Okay, maybe I have […]