Steamed Ladies Fingers (Okra)

Ladies fingers aka okra are Hubs’ favourite veggies of all time. Yes, he likes spinach, he likes veggies in general but ladies fingers? He absolutely loves them. A lot of people are turned off by the slimy insides and I can see why! However, if they are prepared well, ladies fingers would end up being […]

Tomato Honey Glazed Chicken

You all would know by now that chicken drumsticks are my good friends especially when I need something quick, easy and doesn’t wreck my poor brain. That goes for the mornings when I prepare lunch and in the evenings after work. I never like to wreck my brain for anything. ehem. I had a bit […]

Miso Baked Wings (1st Blogiversary & GIVEAWAY~CLOSED!)

(Giveaway winner announced here: Wilton Giveaway Winners! Thanks to all for your participation :-)) Before I get further, it’s Tenacious Tinkering’s 1st BIRTHDAY!!!!! *cue to cheers & claps* As cheesy as this sounds, I didn’t think I’d go on with this for as long as I did. And in the last few months, it’s been hard […]

Ginger Spring Onions Fish Fillet (Keong Chung Yu Peen)

Hey lovelies, it’s the last day to win yourself a Red Microplane Classic Grater here. I’m wondering. Do you eat spring onions that come with stirfries? I don’t mean the little delicate chopped green leaves that have been sprinkled over dishes to give a pop of colour. I mean in stirfries where there are 2 […]

Packed Lunch #9: Mung Bean Sprouts Salad

The best kinds of meals for me are meals where I get to experiment and see what happens in the end. It gets even better it it actually tastes good. Which, I have to admit, doesn’t always happen. I do know, though, that salads rarely fail. Especially if you made them yourself! And yes, the […]