Pumpkin Bundt Cake

I’m not sure if I’m a little too late coming into the pumpkin cake trail this year. I made this cake a couple weeks ago and then forgot to blog about it. Haha! Typical. Thing is, pumpkins aka sugar pumpkins aren’t a thing here. I have only seen Libby’s canned pumpkins puree in one store […]

Homemade Burgers (Beef & Pork) – Shaping & Freezing

Hubs reeeeeeaaaallly likes burgers. Fast food is fine but when it comes to proper juicy handmade patties, he cannot resist. Every time we go to a steakhouse (which is so rare!), he’ll scan the burger page first! So recently, he asked me if homemade burgers are a thing, I said I’ll make him some. And […]

Fajita Spiced Roast Chicken Drumsticks

Fajita Spiced Roast Chicken Drumsticks. I mean… That’s basically what this is. I sprinkled some Fajita Seasoning on chicken drumsticks then roasted them. The end. But you know, I need to always add this and that and make it a bit more complicated than it should have been. I like to have a sort of […]

Peruvian Chicken with Green Sauce

I’ve never been to Peru and have scarcely much idea where it exactly is but judging by the kinds of Peruvian food there are out there, I think I wanna go pay it a little visit! Some time ago I made Peruvian Beef Stirfry and still make it pretty often when I get a good slice […]

Spiced Nuts & Seeds (2 Ways)

I spent one day recently at my parent’s place and decided I needed to make something. We didn’t have much time to lounge around doing stuff so I figured, spiced nuts would a something rather easy and nice to have around! I was trying to be clever and merged a few recipes together and was […]