Blueberry Muffins

I found some Peruvian blueberries at the grocery for fairly cheap yesterday & got myself 3 little trays. Trust me when I say I was on my phone already Googling up recipes for blueberry muffin recipes on the way home. I’ve always loved blueberries but because, once again, they are not native here, they can get […]

Appetizer Week: Harissa Yogurt Dip (with Roasted Potato Wedges)

Final day to get your entry in on the Joss & Main’s Storage Tower Giveaway! In the past four days, we’ve gone through a pretty decent variety of simple starter ideas ranging from Ya Li Pear Salsa, Raw Cremini Salad Crostini and Pesto Pasta Salad to Fried Calamari with Curry Leaves.  Each very different from […]

Blueberry Glazed Butter Cake

Butter cake is one of those cakes that are simple, unassuming, unpretentious and really basic. There’s nothing particularly stunning about them. They are like the vanilla in ice cream flavours. The white in the world of wall paint. The water in the drink menu. The rice in our everyday dinners. The grass in  our unkempt […]

Tzatziki Sauce

As promised, I am sharing with you a really common Greek sauce that is super fresh, super easy called Tzatziki. I honestly doubt you even need a recipe for this because: the recipe can be found all over the internet; it’s a no-brainer; I made this without a recipe; so I won’t post one but […]

Packed Lunch #10: Avocado Dill Egg Salad

Another packed lunch so soon after the recent one? Why yes, my friends. And it’s a salad-sandwichy one no less. I really really like egg salad sandwiches. Like a lot. But I hardly ever make it because I always forget to boil eggs BEFORE I need it and when I do need it, it’s either […]